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The completed application should include:

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Welcome to VTT!

Thank you for your interest in Vancouver Talmud Torah!

VTT delivers an inspirational experience by blending the power of community with an outstanding academic program. The result is students who are lifelong learners, engaging the world through Jewish traditions and values. Starting with our exceptional early childhood program, the VTT educational approach promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, enabling students to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence they will need to meet the challenges of a century in which change is a constant. Individual needs are met by recognizing and supporting diverse learning styles. In addition, students are encouraged to develop their unique strengths and interests through athletics, drama, music and the arts.

Jewish families from a broad spectrum of religious, national and economic backgrounds are welcomed into our inclusive school community. Every member of The VTT family is valued. Through a strong emphasis on social justice, students are taught and inspired to make a difference in the lives of individuals, to have impact on communal organizations, and to be a passionate force for change in the world.

VTT students come to understand the remarkability of Jewish tradition, learn to communicate using the richness of Hebrew language, develop a vibrant connection to the State of Israel, experience the joy of Jewish practice and develop a uniquely Jewish lens on the world. With a solid academic foundation, our graduates are accepted to and excel in the schools of their choice. VTT alumni are leaders in their respective fields living lives informed by Torah and based on a strong moral compass grounded in Jewish ethics and teachings.

As a graduate of both Jewish elementary and secondary school and as a parent of three children who have either graduated from Vancouver Talmud Torah or are still experiencing the many wonders of our school, I have great passion and conviction for the cause of Jewish day school education. I personally encourage you to come see for yourself the difference a VTT education can make for your family.

Finally, if you wish to read someone else’s perspective on the value of a Jewish education (“Why my children are going back to Jewish day school”), click this link.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jennifer Shecter-Balin
Director of Admissions & Communications
604.736.7307, 3474