Board of Directors - Vancouver Talmud Torah

Current Board of Directors


  • Shane Brown
  • Shawn Lewis
  • Lilly Kazaz – Treasurer
  • Bo Rothstein – Secretary
  • Brian Chelin
  • Dan Gadassi
  • Gary Lyons
  • Karen Bichin
  • Annie Simpson


  • Josh Pekarsky
    Past President
  • Jonathon Leipsic
    Past President
  • Bill Schonbrun
  • Tamara Howarth
  • Nir Kushnir
  • Danya Rogen
  • Alissa Rogachevsky
  • Matthew Ross
  • Samantha Rossman
  • Ken Miller

VTT Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at VTT consists of volunteers from a diverse array of backgrounds. Their collective wisdom and expertise provides crucial strategic and financial oversight of school operations, with a particular emphasis on the school’s three core pillars: educational excellence, financial stability and sustainability and community. The Board of Directors also has ultimate responsibility for the VTT Campus Campaign, our plan to expand and revitalize the school.

Board members are elected to two-year terms, and a co-presidency model (President and Immediate Past President) exists to ensure smooth succession from year-to-year. The Board is organized along portfolio lines, with Committee Chairs or Co-Chairs. Committees are populated with non-Board members and we encourage all members of our community with experience and expertise to contact Samantha Rossman regarding getting involved in different portfolios. Current Committees consist of: Finance, Technology, Strategic Development, Community, Governance, Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Negotiations.

The Annual General Meeting is held in October of each year, and the Board meets monthly between September and June.