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20 Mar 2017

Watch Episode 6: By the Numbers

Today’s 100%♡ video is brought to you by a very special number. Watch the video to find out what it is. HINT: It’s the most important number in finishing our Campaign!

Watch the video here


12 Mar 2017

Watch Episode 5: Debt Reduction Song & Dance

Cooler than “Cats”, hipper than “Hamilton”, funkier than “Phantom” and more Jewish than “Jersey Boys”?!? Our Debt Reduction Song & Dance from VTT’s 100%♡ Campaign is virtually GUARANTEED to make you laugh, cry and open your chequebook!

See the one-minute video here:

19 Feb 2017

Watch Episode 4: “Make it Stop!”

Are you sick of the 100%♡ jingle? Tired of canvassers hounding you?
If so, you’re not alone. Watch Episode 4 and learn from two VTT parent “kvetches” and a local media personality about how to make it stop.
Watch the video here:
12 Feb 2017

Watch Episode 2: Machers

Watch Episode 2: “Machers” by clicking here and find out why we can’t just leave it to the “Machers” this time.
GlossaryMacher –  מאַכער (makher.)  lit. maker; influential person 1. Someone who arranges, fixes, has connections… someone who is very active in an organization, a very important person. e.g. “She’s a big macher in Hollywood; everyone wants to meet with her.”
12 Feb 2017

Watch Episode I: Canvasser Kindness

Introducing 100%♡, the final phase of VTT’s Campus Campaign.
Watch Episode 1: “Canvasser Kindness” by clicking here. It’s going to take 100%♡ to finish this campaign. Be a part of it!
WARNING: The video above contains scenes of startling cuteness and near Oscar-worthy performances. DO NOT watch while drinking hot beverages, driving or operating heavy machinery.