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10 May 2017

Adding the Finishing Touches

Our campus expansion is almost finished! Just a few more finishing touches: the Donor Recognition Walls.

Learn more here:


2 May 2017

Final Episode!!!! And YOU thought the campaign would NEVER end!!!!

Our 100%♡ Campaign is officially OVER… We know we worked the cuteness factor pretty shamelessly, but at least we know where to draw the line! Now that our Campaign is over, it’s time to celebrate our first year in VTT’s new campus and thank all our generous donors. Get your FREE tickets for VTT’s Big Night Out by clicking here. It’s 100% FREE, but pre-registration is required. See you there!

20 Mar 2017

Watch Episode 6: By the Numbers

Today’s 100%♡ video is brought to you by a very special number. Watch the video to find out what it is. HINT: It’s the most important number in finishing our Campaign!

Watch the video here


12 Mar 2017

Watch Episode 5: Debt Reduction Song & Dance

Cooler than “Cats”, hipper than “Hamilton”, funkier than “Phantom” and more Jewish than “Jersey Boys”?!? Our Debt Reduction Song & Dance from VTT’s 100%♡ Campaign is virtually GUARANTEED to make you laugh, cry and open your chequebook!

See the one-minute video here:

19 Feb 2017

Watch Episode 4: “Make it Stop!”

Are you sick of the 100%♡ jingle? Tired of canvassers hounding you?
If so, you’re not alone. Watch Episode 4 and learn from two VTT parent “kvetches” and a local media personality about how to make it stop.
Watch the video here:
12 Feb 2017

Watch Episode 2: Machers

Watch Episode 2: “Machers” by clicking here and find out why we can’t just leave it to the “Machers” this time.
GlossaryMacher –  מאַכער (makher.)  lit. maker; influential person 1. Someone who arranges, fixes, has connections… someone who is very active in an organization, a very important person. e.g. “She’s a big macher in Hollywood; everyone wants to meet with her.”
12 Feb 2017

Watch Episode I: Canvasser Kindness

Introducing 100%♡, the final phase of VTT’s Campus Campaign.
Watch Episode 1: “Canvasser Kindness” by clicking here. It’s going to take 100%♡ to finish this campaign. Be a part of it!
WARNING: The video above contains scenes of startling cuteness and near Oscar-worthy performances. DO NOT watch while drinking hot beverages, driving or operating heavy machinery.