Gentlemen's Dinner Tickets - Vancouver Talmud Torah

The 2016 Gentlemen’s Dinner

An evening supporting Vancouver Talmud Torah School

The Gentlemen’s Dinner will raise funds for two critically important initiatives.

STEM Education

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and is considered an important aspect of 21st century learning. STEM education is multidisciplinary and encourages team-based problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. VTT has been utilizing STEM learning for the last few years and has seen considerable success and learning outcomes from kindergarten to grade 7. VTT students will be inspired by these disciplines as springboards to their future careers and lives.

Playground Equipment

After two years of building, VTT’s new campus will open to students in Sept 2016.

The new school will have a brand new preschool program that offers a full-day, licensed daycare. Combining the preschool with a licensed daycare will give working parents access to full-day childcare and allow their children to attend VTT sooner. The preschool is required to have its own, dedicated playground.

Gentlemen’s Dinner Contacts

Telephone: 604-736-7307