Grades 6 & 7 - Vancouver Talmud Torah

Grades 6 & 7

Taught in a “rotary” model (students move from classroom to classroom to become accustomed to the experience at high school and to hone time management and organizational skills), students remain with their core general studies teacher for both years. Additionally, they have specialist instructors for each subject (8-10 in a given year). This allows all faculty to deepen their understanding of their students’ learning styles (cognitive and social-emotional) and to support their students in taking responsibility for their own learning. Judaics curricula in these years heavily emphasize Tikkun Olam (repair of the world) programming, which culminates in the Mitzvah of Valuing Philanthropy program in Grade 7. These two years also coincide with the students’ coming of Jewish age with their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. They are provided with experiences to help them understand what this means, and the privileges and responsibilities they have as Jews and as global citizens.

Grade 6

Grade Teacher Subject Room Blog/Wiki
Grade 6A Meghan Schouten Homeroom  281
Grade 6B  Ashley Maronik Homeroom  277
Grade 6  Meghan Schouten Humanities  281
Grade 6  Ashley Maronik Math/Science  277
Grade 6  Shoshi Burton Hebrew  282
Grade 6  Rabbi Stephen Berger Judaics
Grade 6  Ellen Wiesenthal Jewish History
Grade 6  Meghan Schouten & Jenn Shecter Tikkun Olam  281
Grade 6  Danica Burpee French
Grade 6 Colette Leisen Art  208
Grade 6 Cathy Wilmot Drama  207
Grade 6 Cathy Wilmot Music  207
Grade 6 Gerrald Lotzkar & Danica Burpee Health & Phys Ed Gym

Grade 7

Grade Teacher Subject Room Blog/Wiki
Grade 7A Kim Fisher Homeroom  280
Grade 7B  Ryan Gluckman Homeroom  276
Grade 7C  Shoshi Burton Homeroom  282
Grade 7  Kim Fisher Math/Science  280
Grade 7  Ryan Gluckman Humanities  276
Grade 7  Shoshi Burton Hebrew  282
Grade 7  Rabbi David Bluman Torah, Rabbinics, Prophets  275
Grade 7  Rabbi Philip Bregman Jewish History
Grade 7  Jenn Shecter/Kim Fisher/Ryan Gluckman Tikkun Olam  280/
Grade 7 Colette Leisen Art  208
Grade 7 Cathy Wilmot Drama  207
Grade 7 Cathy Wilmot Music  207
Grade 7 Sylvester Noel & Danica Burpee Health & Phys Ed Gym
Grade 7 Tamsin Morrell French