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Learning Enrichment Program

The Learning Enrichment Program is one of many academic programs offered at VTT. The LEC program strives to enhance the classroom curriculum by challenging and stimulating students’ passion for learning, creativity, and intellectual growth in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics in Grades 2-5. The Learning Enrichment Program is based on the premise that students in need of extension benefit from going deeper into the curriculum as opposed to going further.

This program is designed for students who have not only mastered grade-level curriculum, but who will benefit from opportunities in addition to those being provided by the classroom teacher. Students who attend the LEC program meet weekly for one 40 minute period.

Each school year, students have an opportunity to enter the LEC program based on their classroom performance. Classroom teachers initiate the process of recommending students for participation. In determining eligibility for the program, the classroom and learning enrichment teachers use formal assessments, collaborative decision-making and professional judgment. Once a student has been identified as a candidate for the program, the learning enrichment teacher will contact the parents of the student directly.

In an effort to ensure that the LEC program maintains the highest of standards and that the needs of the students are being met, the classroom and learning enrichment teacher work collaboratively each year to review whether it is in the best interest of each child to continue in the enrichment program for another year or if the child would benefit by returning to the regular classroom.

Please note that decisions related to participation in the learning enrichment program are always made with care and consideration for the student’s well being. To ensure the integrity of the LEC program, it is of the utmost importance that parents respect and adhere to the guidelines set fortah by the school.