Mendelson's Kosher Gourmet (MKG) - Vancouver Talmud Torah

We are excited to welcome Mendelson’s Kosher Gourmet (MKG) to Vancouver Talmud Torah. Operating out of our new building’s meat and dairy kitchens, MKG aims to offer healthy, nutritious and delicious hot lunches to our students. As a full service caterer, our community will be able to purchase challahs, babkas, baked goods, Shabbat dinners and holiday meals. Special events can be catered on or off school premises.

Parents can order hot lunch from one to five days a week in two-month blocks (e.g., September & October, November & December, etc.) through the Munch A Lunch website (PayPal accepted). Orders can be placed through the ordering site until midnight the day before the selected day giving parents much flexibility and choice.

To plan accordingly, please place your orders by the stated deadlines. Reminders appear in the weekly Hadashot e-newsletter, on the school website, and in the weekly upcoming list of activities emailed by the communications office. The cost for a regular portion hot kosher lunch with sides is $6.50. MKG is proud of its commitment to the environment by serving all lunches in compostable/biodegradable containers.

Three days a week are designated dairy days and two days will be a chicken/meat menu. To accommodate special dietary needs, vegan and gluten-free options will be offered daily. Fresh sandwiches and salads will always be available.

Learn more about MKG here:

Order Online
PRE-PAID MEAL CREDITS can be purchased through the Munch A Lunch site. Once you create an account and register your child(ren), you have the option to pay in advance and then order the occasional meal at will. You have until midnight the previous day to order a lunch for the next day.

DON’T FORGET! Families can purchase weekly Shabbat challahs and other baked goods from MKG. As a full service caterer, MKG offers a full array of daily and holiday meal options.

AVOIDING WASTE: MKG’s hot lunches will be packed in fully biodegradable and compostable containers.

NEED HELP PLACING AN ORDER THROUGH MUNCH A LUNCH? Instructions will be online soon.