Maccabeedoodah: Tix on sale NOW! - Vancouver Talmud Torah

Project Details

Parents are asked to purchase only two tickets to the evening parent show until December 7th. We will monitor all the names of ticket purchasers to ensure that all VTT families are able to purchase two tickets and enjoy the show. After December 8th, if tickets remain, the site will be opened for additional purchase. We will communicate this information to our community. (We understand some families may wish to bring siblings. We are confident we will be able to accommodate them once all parents purchase their two tickets to the show. Sibling tickets will be available for purchase after December 8th.)

Tickets will be available in blocks of two for the grandparent show, but parents are welcome to attend this show as well. The purchase site for the 10 a.m. show will be open until this performance is sold out.