VTT's Spring Fundraiser-with a twist! - Vancouver Talmud Torah

Project Details

As many of you know, VTT holds a major fundraising event every two years called The Gentlemen’s Dinner.  It is a very popular and successful event that brings together community leaders from across the generations and raises money to help fund investments in technology, physical education programming and other vital needs for all students at VTT.

In the off-years, such as this one, we have traditionally held other kinds of events to help support our annual fundraising needs. This is one of those years, but we know from talking to our families that there is little appetite for another big community event right now, and that people want something that is open to all.

We agree! And so later today we’ll be sending home materials for an easy, inclusive, no-event, spring fundraiser to help fund critical investments in enhanced safety and security at VTT.

We have two goals:

1.  Raise at least $72,000 to help defray the costs of a new, full-time security guard, new entry hall doors and other security enhancements; and

2.  Participation in the campaign from 100% of VTT families, because as a community school we need community support.

To participate, we are asking families for a minimum gift of $36, and that you colour in the “May Flower” (see example below) your child will bring home today along the campaign materials and send it back to be hung in the entry hall.

You can make a donation online at talmudtorah.com/security, by contacting the VTT Development Office via email at development@talmudtorah.com, or by phone at 604-736-7307.