What's a ShinShin? VTT Will Soon Welcome One! - Vancouver Talmud Torah

Project Details


Fairly soon “ShinShin” will become a household name for the students and families of Vancouver Talmud Torah. What exactly is a ShinShinShinShin is an acronym for the Hebrew words Shanat Sherut, meaning year of service. ShinShinim (plural form) is a gap year program for Israeli teenagers who, upon completing high school, opt to defer their compulsory military service. Instead, they spend a year as an Israel emissary in communities around the world. This year, ShinShinim volunteers are going to 16 different countries and will work with 400 different organizations including schools, synagogues and community centres.

ShinShinim are not just any teens. They are already leaders in their community through their involvement at school and in programs such as Israeli Scouts and their local youth council. ShinShinim volunteer positions are highly coveted, with only 100 teens selected this year out of 1,500 applicants.

In August, three ShinShinim are coming to Vancouver to spend a year volunteering with children in our community. The teens will educate local students about Israel and Israeli culture, and in doing so will make Israel come alive for them. A few months ago, our Head of School the privilege of going to Israel to meet and hire VTT’s ShinShinOphir Golombek, from Ness Tziona who is very excited to become part of our warm and welcoming community.

Part of the ShinShin experience involves billeting the ShinShin in homes in our community. We are seeking three to four VTT families who are interested in opening up their homes to Ophir for a period of approximately three months(Sep to Dec / Jan to March / April to June). We have every confidence this will be an unforgettably memorable experience for both the families and Ophir. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity, please contact Mrs. Lowenstein at clowenstein@talmudtorah.com stating your interest in hosting and what kind of accommodations you can provide for Ophir.