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The Early Years – Preschool & Junior Kindergarten


The Early Years at VTT are about providing the highest quality Early Childhood Education program within a secure, nurturing and stimulating Jewish environment. The program is play-based and uses developmentally-appropriate practice to ensure children’s spiritual, physical, cognitive, creative and social growth.

The preschool/junior kindergarten curriculum is designed to meet the needs and strengths of each child and to foster growth in all developmental domains. It allows children to make choices, encourages both independence and collaboration and is planned around both Judaic and general studies themes, as well as ideas that emerge from children’s interests and passions.

The Judaics curriculum is centred around celebrating Shabbat (every Friday), exploring the Jewish holidays through stories, drama, art, music, math and science activities, baking and eating. A simple Hebrew vocabulary is introduced related to each holiday.

Most of the students that start in VTT’s Early Years program stay through graduation in Grade 7 – we are proud to have a 90% retention rate for these students who are with us for 10 years.

Vancouver Talmud Torah is proud of its play-based philosophy in the early years. Read why PLAY IS SO IMPORTANT in this New York Times article. The Washington Post also published an important missive on the critical value of PLAY. Finally, here’s one more testament to why PLAY is so important in the early years (from Slate Magazine).

Beginning in September 2016, VTT is proud to offer flexibility, choice and longer hours in its early years programming. Families can choose from the following options: Preschool Half Day – 3 Years Old (until noon); Preschool Extended Day – 3 Years Old (until 3:20; with option to pick up until 4:30); Junior Kindergarten Half Day (until noon); Junior Kindergarten Extended Day (until 3:20; with the option to pick up until 4:30). Our Preschool and Junior Kindergarten follow the same Shabbat and holiday dismissal schedule as the rest of the school. Thus, students must be picked up by 3:20 p.m. on Fridays and by 2:20 p.m. on early dismissal Fridays (November through March). When there is an early dismissal for a Jewish holiday, all classes in the early years program will also dismiss at 11:25 a.m.

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Teachers, Blogs & Wikis

Preschool 1 – HD

Sharon Kaikov-Ingram & Mariana Milenkova:  Preschool Team Room 111

Monica Schwartzman:  Music  303

Riba Kalb: Art  111

Preschool 2 – HD

Angela Mammon & Alyse Hanson: Preschool Team  Room 110

Monica Schwartzman:  Music  303

Riba Kalb: Art  110

Preschool FD

Maria Cerani, Lisa Boroditsky (a.m.) & Aura Estrin, Monica Schwartzman (p.m.): Preschool Team  Room 112

Monica Schwartzman:  Music  303

Riba Kalb: Art  112


Gaby Lutrin & Sigal Mathews: Preschool Team  Room 102

Monica Schwartzman:  Music  303

Riba Kalb: Art  102


Celia Malowicki, Michele Zychlinski (a.m.), Jessica Oelker, Alyse Hanson (p.m.):  Preschool Team  Room 107

Monica Schwartzman:  Music  303

Riba Kalb: Art  107