Programs Overview - Vancouver Talmud Torah


VTT is consistently ranked among the top elementary schools in the province. It is an extraordinary achievement, considering that we do not screen our students on the basis of academic or financial ability and that we teach the provincial curriculum in half the time of other independent and public schools.

Educational excellence is one of the school’s three strategic pillars and the driving force behind continous program improvement, investments in professional development for faculty, the implementation of teaching best practices and investments in technology for faculty and students to aid teaching and learning.

Supporting our students is of paramount importance. In 2012-13, over 170 students were accessing some form of remedial or enriched programming, or a combination, in both our general studies and Judaics programs.

VTT is a leading centre for excellence in 21st century learning. Long before other schools adopted this approach, our faculty were delivering our curricula according to the core principles, also known as the 5 Cs + 1.

The integration of the general studies and Judaics programs, and the layering of learning as students progress through each grade, is uniquely VTT. More information about what to expect in each stage can be found by clicking on the buttons below:

Early Years K to Grade 3 Grades 4 & 5 Grades 6 & 7 Parent Handbook