Strathcona - Vancouver Talmud Torah

During their adventure, instructors teach the basics of the outdoor pursuits and activities listed below:

  • Backpacking & Survival Skills
  • Campfires & Outdoor Cooking
  • Canoe and Kayak Expeditions
  • Leadership & Group Dynamics
  • High Ropes Course
  • Local Culture and History
  • Minimum Impact Camping
  • Mountaineering
  • Natural History
  • Navigation & Orienteering
  • Rappelling, Rock Climbing & Zip-Lining


For so many of our students, their time at Vancouver Talmud Torah spans 10 years. They’ve met the challenge of a dual curriculum and have a facility in Hebrew as well as a strong sense of Jewish identity and culture. They understand their obligation to make the world a better place and have made meaningful contributions to their community and beyond through programs like MVP. True to form, they have grown into responsible, respectful, “mensches.” The students’ hard work is rewarded with a week-long outdoor education trip to Strathcona, a tradition at Talmud Torah for the last 30+ years, and a final bonding experience as the students make way for high school.

Students going to Strathcona challenge themselves, work alone and in groups and set and achieve goals. Students experience new personal insights and greater self-esteem.

Through instructor facilitation, group members lead, support and encourage one another. Group energy supports individuals through challenges which they would not normally contemplate on their own.

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