Student Services - Vancouver Talmud Torah

Student Services

At VTT, one of the ways that we deliver on our pillar of educational excellence is to provide support to our diverse community of learners. We strive to ensure all of our students have access to the resources and tools they need to help them grow cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. As a community school, we do not screen applicants on the basis of their academic ability, but rather ensure that we have programs and resources in place to support their development. The programs offered are always evolving – based on the needs of our students.

The Learning Assistance program is delivered either in the classroom or in a small group setting from Kindergarten through Grade Seven. The program is designed to support students to the best of their abilities, given their different learning styles. At all times, the goal is to keep the students’ self-esteem intact.

Learning Enrichment provides students with further educational challenges in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics in Grades 2 through 5. The programs are designed for students who have demonstrated mastery of grade-level curriculum and provide those students with an opportunity to explore grade-level content at a more in-depth level.

The counselling program at VTT is designed to provide short-term support to students, as well as providing class and grade-wide lessons on a variety of topics.

The overarching goal of Student Services is to ensure all of VTT students have a supportive and safe learning environment that enables them to grow in all areas and achieve success to the best of their abilities.