19 Aug 2017

Lisa Boroditsky

Lisa Boroditsky, born and raised in Vancouver, is a proud VTT graduate. She completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Western Ontario and discovered her passion for working with children while directing a summer day camp in Winnipeg for three summers.

After traveling Europe, Lisa returned home and completed her Early Childhood Education degree and landed her first job in VTT’s preschool teaching alongside the much beloved, Loris Cohen.

In 1992, Lisa and her husband moved to Chicago for four years where she taught preschool at the Akiba Schecter Jewish Day School. While there, Lisa established baby clubs, two-year-old programs and summer preschool programs. By the time they returned to Vancouver, her first son, Matthew, had been born.

Back on home soil, Lisa ran the Beth Israel baby club, worked as Beth Tikvah’s Hebrew school director, and did some substitute teacher—all while adding two more sons, Jordan and Noah, to her growing family, all of whom, coincidentally, are also proud VTT alumni.

Lisa has been contributing to VTT’s early childhood education department for the last seven years. And her passion for children and for the Jewish community is unabated. It is evident she loves being a member of VTT’s dynamic early years team.

Art therapy, mindfulness and best educational practice are some of Lisa’s many interests.

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28 Aug 2016

Maria Cerani

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Maria Cerani joins VTT with close to two decades of experience in education, with particular emphasis on physical education.

In 2004, she, her husband and their three sons made the bold move to immigrate to Canada. This is when Maria decided to complement her Bachelor’s degree with specialized training in early childhood education–a passion she’s nurtured for many years.

Maria has worked in the field since 2008. Prior to joining Talmud Torah, she worked at SFU’s Childcare Society for three years.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys connecting with friends, going to the movies, travelling, reading and staying active. She’s also a highly trained swimmer and lifeguard.


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8 Sep 2015

Aura Estrin

Love is a word that Morah Aura loves to use. She loves children, she loves teaching, she loves animals (especially dogs), she loves arts & crafts and being creative, she loves the great outdoors, she loves to be active in nature, and she loves spending time with her family. She brings this same love and enthusiasm to the classroom.

Born and raised in Israel, Morah Aura is the youngest of four children—by 10 years! She completed her Bachelor’s degree in education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and also completed TalAm training in Israel. Before joining VTT, Morah Aura TOC’ed at Talmud Torah and Pacific Spirit Academy and taught at Beth Israel’s Sunday school for many years.

Morah Aura serendipitously met her Ottawa-born husband at the wedding of her brother and her future husband’s sister. After a long distance relationship, Morah Aura moved to Canada in 1998 and spent the first few years living in Whistler. After her first son was born, she was relieved to settle in Vancouver as she admits she’s more of a “big city” girl!

Morah Aura is a proud mother to three boys, Ariel and Ishay, both VTT alumni, and Itav, a fifth grader.

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1 Sep 2014

Alyse Hanson

Working with young children has always been Alyse Hanson’s passion. For the last 16 years, she’s been caring for children from newborn to 11 years old, first as a volunteer with at-risk youth at Queen Alexandra Elementary and then as a counsellor at the Jewish Community Centre. The best part of her job is observing how young children grow and develop over time. She also loves how preschoolers have genuine excitement in discovering new things and have the ability to be fully present in the moment.

Alyse joined VTT’s early years team in 2016 and can’t wait to support a new classroom of enthusiastic students.

In her spare time, Alyse enjoys hiking, singing and spending time with family and friends.









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1 Sep 2013

Sharon Kaikov-Ingram

Sharon Kaikov was born in Israel and moved to BC when she was five years old and subsequently grew up in Richmond. Since 2004, she has dedicated herself to the field of early childhood education, working in both infant/toddler and preschool programs. Sharon joined VTT in 2008 and has primarily worked in our 3-year old program.

Sharon is passionate about early literacy and loves reading to children daily. She is also a proud and devoted mother to two young sons.

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1 Sep 2012

Gaby Lutrin

Gaby attended Jewish day school from grade 5 to grade 12. She holds a degree in English and Drama from Wits University in Johannesburg, an Honours Degree in English from Johannesburg University and a Licentiate Diploma in Speech and Drama from Trinity College in London. Gaby completed her Early Childhood Education training in Vancouver.

Gaby has been a dedicated member of our early childhood department for over a decade and has mentored several of our teachers. She finds observing the children grow and develop throughout the school year most rewarding.

Proud mother of two daughters, both of whom are VTT graduates, Gaby is also an avid dog lover, nature enthusiast and gourmet cook.

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25 Sep 2010

Celia Malowicki

Amateur chef, baker and power walker Celia Malowicki LOVES her job! Since 2010, Celia has been working in our early years’ department and applying her skills as a trained Montessori teacher and licensed Early Childhood Educator. Though she is technically the “teacher,” Celia admits the children teach her important lessons every day. Nurturing and supporting little ones is her passion.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Celia is a Jewish day school graduate (from preschool all the way through to high school!). Before becoming a teacher, Celia earned a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and spent many years working freelance in brochure, business card, stationery and invitation design. Celia’s other creative outlet was Israeli dance. As a performer in a professional Israeli dance troupe in Mexico, Celia taught this dance style in Jewish elementary schools and prepared students to participate in the Mexican Jewish community’s most important annual Israeli dance festival, Festival Aviv.

Since 1999, Celia and her husband, Arie, have been living in Vancouver, with their two sons, Jonathan (VTT alum) and Joshua (VTT student), who give them endless joy.

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18 Aug 2009

Angela Mammon

Growing up and living in Richmond, Angela Mammon knew Vancouver would be her hub for a strong Jewish community–and that she would eventually establish her career across the bridge. After completing her ECE Diploma and Post Basic Certification from Langara College, Angela began her early childhood career at the Jewish Community Centre, where she stayed for three years. Since 2007, Angela has been sharing her well honed skills and passion for young children at Vancouver Talmud Torah.  She credits the wonderful tutelage she received from Loris Cohen, a 37-year (retired) preschool veteran of VTT who once taught her in preschool (!), for her guidance and mentorship. Learning from Loris, her former teacher, was an incredible experience.

Angela adores being with VTT’s youngest students. She loves watching their rapid growth and development during the two years of our ECE program. In whatever spare time is left, Angela also works at Congregation Beth Israel as the Young Family Program Director.

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15 Nov 2008

Sigal Mathews

Though there’s barely a trace of an Israeli accent after spending so many years in the diaspora, Sigal Mathews is still a passionate Israeli at heart, bringing her love of all things Jewish and Israeli to the preschool classroom.

With educational stints in both Chicago and Los Angeles, Sigal earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She moved to Vancouver in 1997, where she has raised her family (both her daughters are VTT graduates) and has designed homes, when free time permitted.

In 2011, Sigal joined the VTT team and has loved working with our youngest students, seeing and exploring the world through their wondrous and impressionistic eyes. It gives her sheer joy to support children in their growth and development.

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1 Sep 2008

Mariana Milenkova

Mariana Milenkova, a native of Bulgaria, has been an educator since earning a Bachelor’s degree in Turkish Language and Literature and a Master’s degree in Russian Language and Literature. After 10 years working as a university professor, Mariana realized her true passion was working with young children and five years ago she transitioned to the field of Early Childhood Education.

Mariana loves spending time with young children and is passionate about supporting their learning and creativity.

A devoted mother to a son and daughter, Mariana also enjoys travelling and  quilling (an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs).

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