Aura Estrin - Vancouver Talmud Torah

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Aura Estrin
Preschool Aide

Love is a word that Morah Aura loves to use. She loves children, she loves teaching, she loves animals (especially dogs), she loves arts & crafts and being creative, she loves the great outdoors, she loves to be active in nature, and she loves spending time with her family. She brings this same love and enthusiasm to the classroom.

Born and raised in Israel, Morah Aura is the youngest of four children—by 10 years! She completed her Bachelor’s degree in education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and also completed TalAm training in Israel. Before joining VTT, Morah Aura TOC’ed at Talmud Torah and Pacific Spirit Academy and taught at Beth Israel’s Sunday school for many years.

Morah Aura serendipitously met her Ottawa-born husband at the wedding of her brother and her future husband’s sister. After a long distance relationship, Morah Aura moved to Canada in 1998 and spent the first few years living in Whistler. After her first son was born, she was relieved to settle in Vancouver as she admits she’s more of a “big city” girl!

Morah Aura is a proud mother to three boys, Ariel and Ishay, both VTT alumni, and Itav, a fifth grader.