Danica Burpee - Vancouver Talmud Torah

team member
Danica Burpee
Director of Athletics

Danica Burpee joined VTT in 2015, and was very excited to join the Athletics department. Previously, Ms. Burpee taught at West Point Grey Academy (WPGA) for five years in many different roles: primary support, Grade 3 Homeroom, Grades 6/7 French, and Volleyball and Track & Field Coach.  Prior to WPGA, Ms. Burpee taught Physical Education at an IB international school in Singapore.  She spent almost a decade living in Calgary, completing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology as well as a Bachelor of Education.

Ms. Burpee grew up in Vancouver, and has a great love for the mountains, the ocean, and all of the natural beauty that Vancouver has to offer.  She is an avid skier, and outdoor enthusiast, and now enjoys her active lifestyle with her husband and their 3 year old daughter.