Dzenana Tahmiscic ("Mrs. T") - Vancouver Talmud Torah

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Dzenana Tahmiscic (“Mrs. T”)
Grade 1 General Studies

Mrs. T is a passionate educator who transforms the classroom into an inspiring place where students’ interests are nurtured and where they are supported to achieve academic excellence and discover their new talents. Mrs. T ‘s focus is to work in primary grades, as indicated by her previous professional experience. Prior to moving to Vancouver, Mrs. T taught in Calgary for Rocky View School Board as a Kindergarten and Grade One teacher. Her dream was always to work as a teacher in beautiful Vancouver. She feels honoured to make this dream a reality at the wonderful Vancouver Talmud Torah.

Born and raised in the multicultural country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mrs. T’s primary school years were influenced by a war that lasted for three long years. She says that this experience made her stronger and taught her many important life lessons, one being the invaluable gift of education, as that formed the foundation for starting over. This inspired Mrs. T to make a change in the world. Throughout her primary and secondary school years, she was an active volunteer in many international organizations while trying to help the community. She subsequently received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of Sarajevo. Within the first two months of starting her new life in Canada, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Education post-graduate program at Ambrose University College in Calgary, from which she graduated with honours in 2012. Ever since she has been blessed to have her own classroom, where adventures of learning take place and where every day brings unforgettable experiences.

Besides teaching, Mrs. T’s passion is spending time with her family and travelling. Mrs. T. is a proud wife and a mother to a beautiful son.