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Elana Jacobson
Music Specialist

It’s been a long time since Elana Jacobson was busy making Hanukkah decorations in kindergarten, though the memories of spending her early years with retired teacher Sandy Baker were potent enough to bring her back to her alma mater after graduating with a Bachelor of Music from UBC. Although Jacobson began as a volunteer back in 2004, a music specialist position soon became available for which she was the logical‐‐and natural‐‐fit! It didn’t take long for Jacobson to raise the bar of the school’s music and performing arts program to earn it consistent accolades and admiration. In recent years, she has joined forces with drama specialist, Keri Smith, also a VTT alum, to co‐produce, co‐direct and co‐write the school’s famous Hanukkah concerts, attracting audiences upwards of 500 attendees.

Mrs. Jacobson’s ties to VTT extend beyond the professional. In 2007, Elana wed alumnus Brian Jacobson and is the proud mother of Benjamin, a Talmud Torah preschooler, and toddler Abigail.