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Etti Kaplan
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Morah Etti has been teaching Judaic Studies at Talmud Torah for over 37 years! She is now teaching the children of her former students and inspiring these children with a love of Judaism and a menschlekeit as much today as when their parents graced our school’s hallowed halls.

Morah Etti received her teaching degree from Shein College in Petah Tikvah Israel after she completed her service in the IDF. She continued her professional education while a teacher at Talmud Torah earning a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2004.

Morah Etti believes that the secret to the generational success of Talmud Torah is dedicated teachers, involved loving parents and students who learn and practice the Jewish values of learning, collegiality, and mutual respect. She says those values have been nurtured and have thrived at Talmud Torah since she first started teaching here.

But Morah Etti has a special, now famous, secret of her own. We all learned this secret one year from one of her students who told the whole school at one of our year-end assemblies about the magical secret that Morah Etti has had for years and years. She told us that in Morah Etti’s class there is a special angel that lives behind the clock. This angel makes the time in Morah Etti’s class fly by as fast as anything. Today that angel is living behind a new clock–one given to Morah Etti by a student who wanted to make sure that the angel had a shiny new home and would never leave Morah Etti’s classroom. Time is “flying” in Morah Etti’s classroom as students work and laugh, and laugh and work, and learn the about Judaism’s beautiful teachings and what it means to grow into loving, responsible, giving members of our community.