Gerrald Lotzkar - Vancouver Talmud Torah

team member
Gerrald Lotzkar
Physical Education Specialist

Mr. Lotzkar is one of those rare breeds having been born and raised in Vancouver (not too far from our school). He is even a VTT graduate, sort of. That is, he attended Talmud Torah afternoon school on Wednesdays and Sundays, and attended Eric Hamber High School with many VTT parents.

Mr. Lotzkar has two Bachelor’s degrees: one in psychology and one in education. His original intention was to teach humanities and literature, but fell into Physical Education when a position opened up several years ago while substituting for both VSB and VTT. Mr. Lotzkar claims it is the perfect fit as he loves being active and enjoys the many important life skills sports impart to the students: teamwork, effort, dealing with adversity, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude. Mr. Lotzkar also runs our very successful intramurals program and has been offering after-school athletics programs with Mr. Noel.

Outside of school, Mr. Lotzkar enjoys basketball, yoga, hiking, hockey and working out. He also considers himself a bit of a movie buff.

Mr. Lotzkar lives in Richmond with his wife and two adult sons.