Jessica Neville - Vancouver Talmud Torah

team member
Jessica Neville
Assistant Head of School, Principal of Intermediate Grades/Student Services

As Assistant Head of School, Ms. Neville supports faculty, families and students in all aspects of school life. She is involved in hiring new teachers, support staff and aides; accessing resources in the community; applying for Ministry of Education grants and funding; leading various committees; and liaising with different stakeholder groups to maximize learning opportunities for all students. Ms. Neville also works closely with the Head of School in the management of all human resource matters.

Ms. Neville is further responsible for ensuring VTT achieves educational excellence in the intermediate grades (Grade 4 to 7) while mentoring and supervising faculty in this department. With the additional portfolio of Student Services, Ms. Neville is responsible for the management of the Special Education department and oversees individualized student programs, counselling services, as well as student and systems management at VTT.

Raised in Winnipeg’s vibrant Jewish community, Ms. Neville began her career in the public school system as an educational consultant. She has earned a B.A., a post-baccalaureate in education as well as a Master’s in Education. A graduate of Harvard University’s Principals’ Institute, Ms. Neville has also completed doctoral coursework in education at UBC. Her areas of focus included assessment, special education and counselling.

A devoted mother of two, Ms. Neville’s children attend Talmud Torah.