Marni Fadida - Vancouver Talmud Torah

team member
Marni Fadida
Senior Kindergarten

Marni Fadida has spent her life intimately connected to Jewish education. As a Jewish day school graduate (both elementary and secondary) from Winnipeg, Marni has devoted her career to educating the young hearts and minds of the Jewish community. To achieve that end, Marni earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba, where she majored in psychology and Judaic studies, and then received her Bachelor of Education degree from UBC with a concentration in Special Education.

Upon graduating from UBC, Marni was hired by VTT’s preschool. At the time, getting one’s own classroom was a challenge. After persevering for several years, Marni achieved her goal and became a Kindergarten teacher. She has held that position for the last twenty years—despite giving birth and raising four children (all VTT educated, by the way)—and treasures working in a place she considers her second home. Her gratitude is compounded by the fact that she met her future husband in the very same classroom in which she works today!

When not devoting herself to nurturing the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our school’s five year olds, Marni loves spending quality time with her family in their rustic cabin on Valdez Island. She is also a former dancer who was a member of the renown Chai Folk Ensemble performing in many Canadian cities and in Israel.