Meghan Schouten - Vancouver Talmud Torah

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Meghan Schouten
Grade 6 Humanities/Tikkun Olam & Department Head

Born and raised in Vancouver and a graduate of Southlands Elementary and Crofton House School, Meghan Schouten holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees (in physical & health education and science) from Queen’s University. In 2009, she moved to Queensland, Australia, to earn a graduate diploma in education. Ms. Schouten opted to teach in Australia due to its progressive ideas on 21st century learning. She then spent the following year putting theory into practice at an Australian public school.

As VTT’s Humanities/Tikkun Olam specialist for the intermediate grades, Ms. Schouten loves to create a dynamic learning environment focused on student-directed learning.

A competitive field hockey player, Ms. Schouten played for Queen’s varsity team and continues to play in a community league. She also skis, snowboards, swims, bikes, bakes, coaches and makes jewellery.

Ms. Schouten recently completed a Master’s degree in Education at UBC. Her focus has been on curriculum and leadership in an effort to continually improve her practice. Over the summer, she also got married–much to the delight and excitement of her adoring students!

Ms. Schouten is the Department Head for the intermediate grades.