Morah Judith Blumenkrans - Vancouver Talmud Torah

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Morah Judith Blumenkrans
Grade 2 Judaic Studies

Did you know that Morah Judith speaks four languages (Spanish, English, Hebrew & Italian)? Or that she was once a fashion designer of high-end women’s wear? Or that she has been involved in Jewish education, either informally or formally, since she was 13 years old and has been teacher for over 30 years? How about the fact that she’s a talented hobby oil painter? Or that she has three children who were each born on a different continent? There are many other facts about Morah Judith that merit revelation as well.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Morah Judith attended Jewish day school from preschool through university studies. When she graduated from college, she was one of 104 teachers earning a credential in primary Jewish education. At the time, Argentina boasted a Jewish population of close to half a million! Today, about 200,000 Jews remain, with many having immigrated to Israel.

Before settling in Vancouver, Morah Judith and her husband spent five years working in Genoa, Italy, where she taught Judaic studies at a small Jewish school. After returning to Argentina, she and her husband sought greener pastures abroad. Although they were selected to be one of the first 10 families to settle in Winnipeg, a job opportunity brought them to Vancouver instead in 1997. In 2003, Morah Judith began teaching Judaics at Talmud Torah, a passion that still sustains and motivates her to this day. In 2010, Morah Judith earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Morah Judith is a proud mother to devoted wife.