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Morah Orly Gal
Grade 1 Judaic Studies

Morah Orly Gal was born and raised in Jerusalem. She spent the early part of her career working in a typical Israeli elementary school. Four years later, she was hired to work at a boarding school for at-risk youth where she taught and “mothered” children whose families were unable to care for them. Though the job was a 24/7 commitment, Morah Orly loved the children and remained at the school for eight years.

After immigrating to Canada, Morah Orly began her Canadian teaching career at Richmond Jewish Day School and subsequently joined our faculty, first teaching Grade 4 and then Grade 1.

Morah Orly is very familiar with the Tal Am Hebrew language immersion methodology and has completed eight full years of training for various grades. She has also mentored many teachers in the curriculum. In her estimation, Tal Am “is a wonderful program, particularly for its skill-building aspect.” As a trained drama teacher, Morah Orly loves incorporating the arts into her  teaching.

A confirmed chocoholic, Morah Orly’s other hobbies are cooking and reading. She’s also known for her uncanny ability to sleep through even the most cacophonous environments (discos and construction zones are no exception)!