Ryan Gluckman - Vancouver Talmud Torah

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Ryan Gluckman
Grade 7 Humanities/Tikkun Olam

He may be a humanities teacher, but Ryan Gluckman is anything but one-dimensional. Nature lover, outdoors enthusiast, world traveler, sports and news junky, recreational tennis player and avid cyclist are just some of the terms ascribed to him. Upon graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts, Moreh Rafa spent many years nurturing all these passions, most notable of which was developing a long-term relationship with Kibbutz Lotan in Israel where he engaged in a myriad of creative ecology pursuits (e.g., organic gardening, alternative energy, mud domes, etc.).

In 2013, he went back to school to earn his teaching credential at SFU.

Moreh Rafa, a graduate of Edmonton Talmud Torah, fondly recalls his Jewish day school experience, and the lifelong friends he made there. He also spent many years involved in Jewish youth groups and summer camps.

Moreh Rafa is an unabashed Oilers fan despite their decade-long playoff drought.

He is also a proud father to a three-year old son, Elijah. His goal for last year was to bike regularly up either Granville or Oak Streets in time for class and without breaking too much of a sweat! Ask him how he did.