Shoshana "Shoshi" Burton - Vancouver Talmud Torah

team member
Shoshana “Shoshi” Burton
Coordinator of Hebrew Language/Grade 6 & 7 Hebrew/Grade 7 Tikkun Olam/Grade 5 Tikkun HaLev

Shoshana (“Shoshi”) Burton has been teaching in Vancouver’s Jewish day school community since 1992 having instructed Hebrew and Judaic studies at VTT, RJDS and King David High School. This year she will join the Grade 5-7 teams and instruct Hebrew language, Grade 5 “Tikkun Halev” and Grade 7 “Tikkun Olam.”

Born in Israel and educated at Haifa University (where she met her future Canadian husband), Shoshi is not only passionate about teaching Hebrew language, but also about collaborating with students to implement bold educational projects tied to the Jewish values of chesed (kindness), tzedekah (charity) and gemilut chasadim (benevolence). She draws inspiration in her quietest moments and then presents them to her students where their ideas and enthusiasm consistently surprise and delight her.

Shoshi recently completed a Master’s degree in Jewish Education at Hebrew College’s Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education. She believes that Jewish learning should be “life-centered” where students’ needs and aspirations are central. To motivate her students, Shoshi believes in providing them with ongoing social experiences and in giving them a voice to fashion their learning experiences. She values the centrality of her relationships with her students and continuously working on building a sense of contentedness in and out of the classroom.

A proud mother of three Vancouver Talmud Torah graduates, Shoshi loves to garden, having many people over for Shabbat dinners and taking long walks on the beach with friends.