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Shula Talmaciu
Grade 5 Judaic Studies

Although born and raised in Israel, Shula has the good fortune to speak Hebrew, Romanian and English fluently. A literature lover, Shula graduated from Bar Ilan University with a degree English literature and has been a teacher for over 17 years.

Shula has taught English as a second language in Israel in both elementary and high school settings. She worked for many years with students who had difficulty acquiring the language and loved helping them appreciate the beauty of acquiring a new language. Shula has also worked with newcomers to Israel (olim hadashim) and helped them adjust to their new environment.

As an educator, Shula has been involved in many projects, including joining her students on a learning journey to Poland to explore Jewish life during WWII and visiting concentration camps.

Recently, Morah Shula fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to Canada with her family. Shula is a proud mom of Lior, Roi and Romi (who will be attending VTT this year) and enjoys spending every possible minute with them.