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Tammy Kalvari
Enrollment Manager

For the last 19.5 years, Tammy Kalvari has been gracing the VTT community with her rolling r’s, frequent yah’s, regular shames’s and many South African phrases that we have all gotten used to and, after all these years, finally understand. A native of South Africa, this only child married a man (Jason) with five siblings and achieved her dream of a full family life with the birth of her son Marc (in 1996, now a VTT & King David alum) and twin boys Saul and Justin (in 1999, also VTT alumni). Tammy has a diploma in Marketing and Sales Management and in South Africa worked as a legal secretary and an advertising research executive.

At VTT, Tammy is responsible for all Board-related work, helps to coordinate our after-school programs, supports every aspect of admissions, and handles current and new enrollments. She proudly LOVES HER JOB! (And hopes to see her grandchildren walk through the doors of VTT one day!) Tammy loves organizing (anything!) hence her past involvement in serving as Co-President of the Richmond/Delta Parents of Multiples Club, Board Member of Young Israel of Richmond Synagogue, Co-Secretary of the Camp Miriam Committee and Secretary of her townhouse strata. She also helped organize a high school reunion in the summer of 2011 — which took place outside of South Africa! For the past three years, she has been a coordinator of The Shabbat Project Vancouver, of which she was a co-founder in our city.

As much as she loves her job, family is Tammy’s first love. Schlepping her kids to and from soccer, basketball, taekwondo, mixed martial arts and their jobs over the years as well as keeping up with their busy social lives is something she actually enjoys! She’s thankful that her husband does the cooking because she’s much rather be doing the driving than the cooking. Quoting her husband, “I’m the cooker; Tammy’s the Facebooker!” A dedicated mother and strict disciplinarian, Tammy can get even the most obstinate children to eat their fruits and veggies, use their manner, and share their treats. A few VTT parents have asked if they can send their kids to Tammy for behaviour modification . . .