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Tirzah Abraham
Development Coordinator

A native of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, Tirzah immigrated to Canada in 2004 in search of a “better quality of life.” Despite having a B.Ed. and a Master’s degree in sociology, and with a background in the banking sector (in human resources), Tirzah’s first foray into paid work in Canada was in collections. Luckily, within five months an ad in the Jewish Independent led her to a four-year career as an Executive Assistant at Jewish Federation where she worked with VTT’s very own Natalie Chark and Lihe Katz.

Raised in an Orthodox home, Tirzah “loves working in the Jewish community.” Her passion reflects her own experiences watching her father, z”l, devote all his free time to Jewish causes and organizations. (Even though India’s Jewish community numbers roughly 5000 out of a population of 1 billion, Mumbai boasts seven synagogues and a very dedicated community.) His work with the “World Zionist Organization” took him to Israel several times, and she herself has visited the Holy Land twice. Though English is her first language, Tirzah does speak fluent Hindi and can cook a mean curry. Despite the stereotypes, she is not a fan of Bollywood movies.