Pi Day is Coming

Who can memorize the most decimal points?


Open to Grades 5 through 7.
Students must sign up in advance HERE
Preliminary Round at first recess on Wednesday, March 14. BRING A PENCIL! Students will write out as many correct digits of pi as they can and then hand that form in
Final Round at 11:30 in the MPR. Top 10 students will be announced in no particular order; finalists will be called up one at a time to recite the digits of pi they have memorized (cannot write them down).
The student who can correctly memorize the most digits of pi will be crowned the winner and given an iPad, courtesy of the Shiff/van Messel family and Inflection Alternative Assets.
Second place - VTT windbreaker (male) or VTT down vest (female)
Third place - a whole pie
All participants who correctly memorized 25 or more digits of pi will enjoy a piece of delicious pie at third recess.