Night Under the Stars 2020

Night Under the Stars is VTT’s premiere fundraising event of the year. An evening not to be missed!

Night Under the Stars will raise much-needed funds for VTT’s exciting new I STEAM lab where Israel Innovation and education will be integrated together with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) into one comprehensive program. STEAM is an approach to teaching that is at the forefront of 21st century learning. Under the umbrella of STEAM, students learn to be innovative, collaborative, resilient thinkers where they can unpack future ready skills and competencies while fostering ahavat Israel.

All event proceeds will directly benefit our I STEAM journey and assist in the creation of our lab which will include a woodworking and design area, modular systems, iPads and coding software, programmable robots, and aquaponics, to name a few.

Event Committee

Event Chair
Karen Bichin

Auction Committee
Haley Crooks, Danya Rogen, Stephanie Tarnow

Decor + Entertainment Committee
Abby Herlin, Ana Peralta, Mikel Segal

Marketing + Promotions Committee
Abby Herlin, Laura Lewko, Ana Peralta

Sponsorship Committee
Karen Bichin, Darren Boidman, Lauren Hershfield, Jackie Misshula, Todd Thal