Chesed Clubs


The overarching goal of VTT’s chesed (kindness) clubs is to create a caring climate and culture that nurtures empathy and morals throughout the school community. The process includes having students engage as active partners finding personal meaning in all agreed upon tasks and building community through action. Our chesed clubs are predicated on Jewish values, most specifically our mandate to repair the world (tikkun olam).

Students who join our chesed clubs are passionate about giving and ready to dedicate and commit their free time to work on a variety of initiatives in the school and in the community. With the belief that students learn best by doing and interacting with others, chesed clubs provide hands-on experiences to help others in real world situations.

VTT currently runs three chesed clubs under the leadership of Shoshi Burton: Grade Seven Chesed Leadership Club; Grade 6 Chesed Club; Grade 3 Earth Savers Club